DJI Flighthub 2 - DJI Enterprise

DJI Flighthub 2


Key Features:

2.5D Base Map
One-Tap Panorama Sync
Cloud Mapping
Mission Live Streaming
Ground-to-Cloud Synergy
Route Planning and Mission Management
Scheduled Drone Operations With DJI Dock
Centralized Operations and Maintenance

DJI Flighthub 2 supported Devices: M30 Series | M300 RTK H20 Series | DJI DOCK


DJI Flighthub 2

Is an all-in-one cloud-based drone operations management platform, able to plan drone missions, manage data, and view drone missions with video live-stream.

Supports mapping features, enabling users to generate both RGB and Thermal maps, pinpoint locations using the drone laser range finder, share geo-tagged photos with coordinates, and support ground teams to respond to developing situations.

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