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DJI Matrice 300 RTK


Key Features:

  • 15 km Max Transmission
  • 55-min Max Flight Time
  • 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning.
  • Primary Flight Display.
  • IP45 Rating.
  • -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature.
  • Hot-swappable Battery.
  • UAV Health Management System


DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Can be combined with a huge range of payloads to fulfill specific requirements in every industry. With 55-minute flight time, 15km max range, advanced AI capabilities, IP 45 water resistance and omni-directional collision avoidance, the M300 RTK sets the highest standard for commercial drones.

M300 RTK

allows payloads to be switched freely, including the Zenmuse P1 photogrammetry camera, L1 LIDAR sensor, H20T EO/IR camera, and H20N official third-party payloads — all of which have important features when used together with the DJI M300. This flexibility as an open drone platform makes the M300 RTK a safe investment and powerful tool for specific applications across industries.

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